Traffic Basics Online, Clicks, Opt-Ins, and Subscribers

Traffic Basics Online

Traffic Basics Online, The topic of Internet marketing is full of technical terms and jargon.

Because I’ve been involved in this area for several years, I think I’ve sometimes taken for granted that everyone understands what all these things are. Every day, brand new people hear about the possibility of having an Internet-based business.

Traffic: What is internet “traffic?

Most people, when they hear the word “traffic,” think of cars and trucks on a road or highway. That’s a good place to start: each vehicle on a road started at “Point A” travels to “Point B.”

Traffic Basics Online, Clicks, Opt-Ins, and Subscribers


For most people, “clicking” is what they do with their mouse. They move their pointer or cursor to what they want—a button, a link, a tab—and they click on it.


Have you ever clicked on an ad on Facebook or on the web or in an email that took you to a page that offered a free e-book or e-course or access to video content in exchange for your email address?

That page you arrived at has several names, including “squeeze page,” “landing page,” and “opt-in page.” But the most descriptive name for it is, “lead capture page.”


A subscriber is simply a person who has opted in to your offer. Usually, they know that they will receive future communications from you when they opt in—similar to a magazine subscriber who knows they will receive future issues. As an online marketer, you should seek to create irresistible ads and lead capture pages that get a lot of opt-ins so that you can build a large list of subscribers to market your offers to in the future.

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