The Consequences of Not Taking Action

If someone wants to get in shape, they have choices.

Do they take the dessert or the healthy option? Do they wake up 30 minutes early and exercise, or do they hit the snooze button?

The answer all depends on the consequences of not getting in shape.

If the consequences are merely that they don’t like the way they look and they feel sluggish, they are not heavy enough to outweigh the pain of exercising and forgoing dessert. There’s a good chance they’ll take the easy option and not take the necessary action to get in shape.

It’s exactly the same with taking the actions to build your business. Are those consequences too trivial to make you take action?

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What would an ideal, normal, M-F DAY look like for you?

I’d encourage you to write it down. Some things you could probably start doing, right away.


You may need to free up some time?

You may need to increase your income and set something up where you can work remote, from anywhere?

If that’s the case…

===> This may help.

Kills procrastination forever…

Hey, just a quick note for you today!

You know, many good, smart and hardworking people think they lack the “follow thru” gene.

And so they’re quick to hold themselves back, labelling themselves as chronic procrastinators.

But really, it just takes a teeeeny tweak in their strategy to turn it all around!

I’ll relate it this way…

Many people that are trying to quit an addictive habit, like drugs or alcohol?

They feel it’s too much to have to quit the habit FOREVER.

Sounds very daunting, right?


They’re often reminded of this one thing, which I hear is posted up on the walls of these places, like AAA:


That’s all the sign says…

But it reminds them that they don’t have to worry about forever!

Following X number of steps for X number of days.

Because all they have is today at hand.

Can you do it, TODAY.

“Everything ends.”

A 10 minute task.
A phone conversation.
Focusing 1 hr on something.

Everything ends.

“Everything ends, everything ends, everything ends,” he tells himself.

He’ll get to go to sleep a bit later that night, just like everybody else.

I hope this makes sense, and I hope this is helpful?

It was quite the “AHA” when I heard it too.

Especially in this business…

===> Like with this system here

You need to be able to send leads every day, ideally.

But it doesn’t have to take but 30 to 60 minutes to do it.

So, if you follow the steps above, and focus JUST FOR TODAY…

…Keeping it simple…

Make sense?

===> Give it a try here, and use the plan to get it done…

In your corner.

Hope it truly does.


Andrea Scafidi