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Your customers don’t care about you, or your product – they ONLY care about this one thing

More of this will fix everything inside your business

Do you know why people buy from you? Why they really buy from you? Hint: They don’t really care about the products and services you sell. But there’s another reason – a hidden reason why they buy. If you can Read more…

Why people will buy from you, Vs. much more established businesses.

Business System program

The people in your marketplace are absolutely starving for something that you can easily give them. It’s a little genuine recognition. That sounds simple enough, but don’t let that simplicity fool you. This is very important. We’re living in an Read more…

Google vs. Yahoo For Marketing

Is your side-biz more stress than fun

You used to rely on word of mouth to get customers. Referrals were the name of the game for getting more business, and sometimes an ad in the local paper didn’t hurt. Things are different today because we operate in Read more…