Why You Need to Understand the Differences between Clicks

There seems to be a lot of confusion about clicks. It makes sense, given all the hype and industry jargon surrounding the word “click,” but far too many people in this business, especially new business owners, just don’t seem to understand that all clicks are not equal. Do you ever see people on Facebook bragging […]

Placing trust in the people or organizations we’re dealing with.

  People want consistency in their lives. In politics, economics, business, relationships—everything. We value consistency because it eliminates uncertainty from the situation at hand and the more certain we feel, the easier it is to place our trust in the people or organizations we’re dealing with. John C. Maxwell, an American author and speaker who […]

Buying Traffic

A Necessary Expense to Scale Your Business People who are new to Internet marketing always seem to struggle with the idea of buying traffic. It happens all the time. Even though I talk about the importance of paid traffic constantly, most of them still have this mindset that says they want to test the waters […]