Consequences of not taking action

Working harder and longer won’t help…

If you’ve been searching high-and-dry for a “lifestyle friendly” business you can do very well with…

Consider this quick story…

There was an eager fly trying its best to zoom thru a window pane. Crashing himself against the glass, over and over again…

He was burning thru the last supply of his energy.

He had bought into the story of, “just try harder.”

However, 3’ to his left was a door swung wide open.

If he’d just stopped banging his head against the window, he could have easily spotted the easier path, flew over and out the door, straight to his little-bee freedom waiting for him outside.

If your side-gig, j-o-b, or financial and lifestyle situation isn’t working well for you right now…

Trying HARDER isn’t usually the best remedy.

Could there be a better path laid out for you? Just 3’ to your left?

===> Check out this door of opportunity

It’s not about working harder.

It IS about leverage and working smarter. ?

In your corner.


MOBE Consultant Since 2014
Andrea Scafidi



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