There seems to be a lot of confusion about clicks.

It makes sense, given all the hype and industry jargon surrounding the word “click,” but far too many people in this business, especially new business owners, just don’t seem to understand that all clicks are not equal.

Do you ever see people on Facebook bragging about how cheap their clicks are? They carry on about it, bragging that they’re getting three-cent clicks on mobile marketing. And that drives me crazy.

Clicks Are Not a Commodity

Three-cent clicks? Big deal. You can’t take clicks to the bank. Who cares if you’re getting three-cent clicks? What I care about is how many sales you’re making. What’s your ROI?

Let’s say you spent $100 on three-cent clicks, so you got 3,333 of them. Sounds good, but how many of these clicks actually became buyers?

Here’s the thing: Clicks are not a commodity. No two clicks are the same—and you need to remember that always.

Clicks represent people. Behind every click there’s a unique person. They’ve got different intentions and desires, and they’re at different points in their lives. What motivates one person to take action is completely separate from what motivates another.

As marketers, what we want to do is target those people who our product can help the most. People who are at a point in their lives where they can make the decision—and have the means—to purchase our product.

Know Where the Value Lies

Let’s say I offered you two choices now, for two different clicks.

One click, I’d be willing to sell to you for two dollars. So, if you give me two dollars, I’ll go and create a Facebook Pay-Per-Click ad and I’ll deliver you one click that I will drive directly to your lead.

For the other click, I’d offer to put your banner ad on MOBE’s My Top Tier Business thank-you page. So, after someone pays $49 to buy MTTB, they’re going to see a headline that says, “This is the business I recommend”—and below that headline will be your banner ad.

Just think about that for a minute. Where would you rather have your click come from? From a proven buyer who’s just bought something or from someone who’s randomly clicking on Facebook?

You’d prefer the buyer click, of course.

Now, what if I told you that the banner ad click would cost 10 times more than the Facebook click? So, that banner ad on the MTTB thank-you page would cost you $20 for a single click. Would that still be a good deal?

Yes, it would. Because the person behind that click would be infinitely more qualified to purchase your product than some random person who just clicked on Facebook.

Not every Facebook click leads to someone buying. But if you’re marketing to someone who’s just bought similar products and now your product is being endorsed by the person they just bought from, that’s a far superior click. Not all clicks are equal.

Source: Mobe

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