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MOBE Daily #136

“Human Resources isn’t a thing we do. It’s the thing that runs our business.”

~ Steve Wynn


I want to share with you a really good place to recruit new staff, which very few business’s ever fully exploit.

And that’s from within your own customer base.

I’ve been doing this for years now – hiring super stars from my own leads list, and my customer list, and many of the people I’ve hired from these sources are still with me today.

Yet I hardly every see other businesses doing this.

They will go to the normal hiring sites. They’ll hire head hunters. They’ll post on Craigslist. But not to their own list of customers.

Here’s the thing: if you want to build the best team, you have to work as hard at it from the standpoint of getting candidates (leads), to interviewing (filtering and sorting), to negotiating the right pay package – you have to put in as much effort doing all of this, as you do with creating sales funnels to get new customers.

This means you can, and you should be using good direct-response marketing principles all throughout your hiring process.

Most business owners are more than willing to pay top dollar for good copywriters, videographers and designers to produce slick sales funnels. They’ll make sure they have great headlines, strong call to actions, and that they really sell their prospects on moving forwards to become customers.

But when it comes to recruiting and hiring staff, most are just flat out lazy. And that’s why they hire a lot of very average people.

Typically, they’ll have some generic ad that looks like everyone elses, a boring job description writing with a lot of corporate jargon, and then a weak call-to-action like ‘Forward your resume to our HR department.’

This is not good enough if you want to get superstars to work for your company.

If you want to get superstars, here’s what you need to do:

First, you need to regularly send out promotions for your ‘Now Hiring’ page (or specific promotions for a role).

You can’t just do this once and expect to get good results. You’ve got to do it regularly. Let people know you’re always in recruiting mode – you’re always looking for talent.

One particular member of my team has single-handedly brought millions of dollars in revenue to my company, and I found him by sending out regular emails to my list about a position to be my ‘marketing assistant.’

This brings me to my second tip. The job offer I sent out was not some lazily thrown together corporate description.

No. Instead, I put in some real effort to craft a sales funnel to find the perfect candidate for this role. I paid my copywriter close to $1,000 to write a sales letter which really sold the role, and described who the perfect candidate would be. I went through the same process I’d go through if I was making a funnel to sell a new product – the only difference here was, I was selling the job opportunity.

I filmed a video and explained I was looking for a ‘marketing apprentice.’ I added an application form and instructed the applicants to send me a video and tell me why I should hire them.

They had to jump through a whole series of hoops before I’d spend any time on the phone interviewing them – but this way, everyone I spoke to was an extremely qualified candidate. I set the whole thing up like a true direct-response marketing funnel.

And till this day, I still do this all the time when I’m looking to fill a really important position. Again, if you want to get superstars, you’ve got to go to the same effort to put together a marketing funnel for the job offer, as you would for getting high paying customers.

For my ‘marketing apprentice’ offer, I think I got maybe ten applications.

One of them was a young American guy in his early 20s. I gave him a bunch of trial tasks, decided he was the right person for the job, and he then worked with me for close to a year in our offices.

In that role, he was building funnels with ClickFunnels, creating videos, hosting our webinars and doing all kinds of marketing.

He learned a lot, but he was already extremely ambitious. Actually, he’s one of the most enthusiastic people I’ve ever met.

Later, he went over to our live event division and started traveling around the world. I think before the age of 22 he’d traveled to more places than most people would in their life.

Since then, he’s become one of our MOBE consultants and he’s doing it full time. He’s still just 23, but as one of our consultants, he’s single-handedly sent us over a million dollars worth of new business.

I’m telling you this because he’s just one example of a ‘superstar’ team member who’s done a lot for the company.

The greatest designer we have on MOBE staff also came from my customer list, and applied back in 2014. She has done wonders to lift the standards of our design across the board.

Some of my top selling sales reps – people who’ve bought in many millions of dollars of cash personally for the company, started off as customers who responded to a ‘now hiring’ promotion I did.

So if you’re not going to your list to find new talent, my advice is start doing it.

Obviously you don’t want to be hitting up your list with job offers every day. Do it in a non-blatant way. For example, sometimes I’ll have an ad for a role buried mid-way through an email. Other times, it could be a 2 line ad in the header of an email.

Remember, the most talented people have got a lot of choices out there. You’ve got to compete for their attention, and really sell them on why they should come work for you.

Don’t look at finding great staff as just a ‘HR funcition.’ Look at it as a sales and marketing function.

As you scale your company, you learn how critically important hiring is, and it becomes a major focus . And that’s why in my newsletter ‘MOBE Advantage,‘ I put such a huge focus on this area.

I give case studies on which recruiting funnels have worked best. I talk about how to do great interviews to find out who really knows their stuff, and who just knows how to interview well. I even give a lot of my best recruiting ads, which you can swipe, modify and then deploy in your own business.

And of course, there’s all the other areas of running a business I cover like mindset, marketing, scaling, investing and exiting. Each article is written by either myself or one of my business mentors and colleagues.

I’d like to send you one issue for free, so you can see how good it really is.

Once you hold this newsletter in your hands, I’m confident you’ll say it’s the single most valuable newsletter you’ve ever read. To get your free copy, just go to www.mobeadvantage.com and tell me where I should send it.

MOBE Daily#136-1

The 5 Phases of Mission Accomplishment

There are 5 phases to mission accomplishment: flight plan, brief, pre-flight, execute and debrief.

This applies not just to aviation but to any mission you set for yourself in business and life. When you implement them correctly and in the right order, things will change.

You will find yourself accomplishing your missions faster and with less effort, and reach a higher level of performance.

In this video, filmed at the Titanium Mastermind in Phuket, Thailand, JT DeBolt discusses the 5 phases of mission accomplishment.

MOBE Daily#136-2

Beware of Bad Business Advice

In business, you will be surrounded by people who lie to you.

Some do it on purpose for their own short term financial gain. Don’t get too worried about this type of liar, because they’re usually easy to spot when you do your due diligence.

The liars you should be most concerned about are your trusted friends who have good intentions but lead you astray with their bad advice. They think they’re helping you but they don’t really know what they’re talking about.

In this video, filmed at the Titanium Mastermind, Chris Lakey explains why you should beware of bad business advice.

MOBE Daily#136-3

How to Optimize Your Website for Google

Here’s how Google finds websites. The Google bot follows all the links on the internet that it can find. If it finds your website, it will index you into its search results.

Then, it will look at all your internal links and index every page it can find on your website.

In order for Google to know your website exists, another website must link to you. If you have a brand new website and there are no links to you yet, it will be a while before the bot finds you.

How can you speed up the process? John Chow gives you some insider tips in this video, filmed at the Platinum Mastermind in Fiji.

Talk soon!

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