Things to know about Online Success for any Business

A few things to know about Online Success for any Business.

It usually takes a combination of an investment of time, marketing effort and money to get a stream of people finding your website on the internet. It is  quite understandable that getting most value out of every single visitor to your website is paramount in the long term success of your venture.

It is common practice to gather details of website visitors and to follow up with a promotional newsletter or information. One way to do this is to use an auto responder to build a mailing list. An auto responder is a promotional tool that automatically handles email subscriptions to your newsletter or mailing list, while building a database of all visitors who join the list. Click Here for support.

This is most important,… Statistics shows that most people will not buy something online on first contact. The generally accepted standard is that it takes around 7 contacts before someone makes a buying decision. In other words, you may do all the work to get someone to your website, but if you don’t implement some way to keep in touch with them and expose them to your product again and again over time, your initial effort may well have been wasted. Having an auto responder system as part of your online business is almost non-negotiable. An auto responder takes care of this by being the vehicle with which you can capture leads and keep in touch with them.

Building on-line relationships
As statistics show us that it takes about 7 follow up emails before the average sale is made through auto responder interaction with your mailing list subscribers, it goes to show that people tend to hold back their wallets most of the time until they have established an online relationship with you.

There are many ways for your business to interact with your customer or website visitor, thus building on-line relationships. Most businesses online make use of an auto responder because this keeps a mailing list database of people grouped together, making it possible for easy contact and following up. Once your web forms are online and ready your visitors can sign up and get direct response follow-up messages emailed to them that address their specified needs. It is easy to set up and once the set up is completed, it takes a lot off your hands when it comes to the work of interacting with prospects or following up on customers with after sales service. Providing informative emails and not constant hard selling will go a long way towards building trust and credibility with your leads.

Just like getting the initial sale online is a venture into the art of building on-line relationships, so is the customer service or after sales service as well. Follow up and over delivery is especially important when it comes to your online customer, or potential customer.

Running a blog is another interactive way of keeping in touch with your customers. You will be giving more information and your customers can comment and ask questions related to the post.

Why a Blog Is So Important

Blogging is a very effective marketing tool for any online business and there are many reasons for this,…

To address all those concerns you basically have to understand what a blog is. In addition to this, it’s important to grasp why having a blog is really important for anyone that wants to attract attention on the World Wide Web. Blogs are usually easy to install and set up by using the one-click installation tools that these days come standard with most hosting packages. Word press is the most common and most popular platform for a blog. Once you have your blog installed it is important to know that every time you post any new information, search engines are quick to pick up on this. They give a high priority to blogging content on average since they deem this as fresh news.

Blogging is also a fresh alternative to emails.

You can add all sorts of interactive or multimedia content to a blog to enhance your message. Using RSS feeds your content and message can quickly spread across the internet. If you already have a big email list, you may choose to post your newsletters on your blog, and simply mail a link to the post to your list. There’s just so much more you can do with a blog than with standard email. The comments feature on blogs, for example, make it easy for your readers to leave feedback. This way you can determine what news and information your readers enjoy, and you can also get some valuable feedback. It’s easy to monetize your blog by using revenue sharing programs like Google Ad sense or affiliate programs as well. A blog is a fun, but powerful way to inform, entertain and profit…while building a loyal readership at the same time.

Don’t even think of doing business online without your own domain and hosting. It is vital to establish trust and a unique name for your business. Not only will you prove to yourself that you’re serious about your online business, but you’ll send the same message to your potential customers. To establish an online presence using unreliable and unprofessional free website hosting resources could very well ensure that your business never gets off the ground. Even worse, it does, these unprofessional resources may fail you when you need them most.

So, what exactly should you be looking for?

Don’t just settle for a plain old hosting service. You can put your online business in the fast track by using a web host that already provide all the tools you need to run an online business for you. You see, to successfully run an online business you need more than just a reliable home for your website. Part and parcel of successfully running a business on the internet, just like in the brick and mortar world, is the ability to find customers and leads, build up your customer base and a convenient and effective way to stay in contact with them.

So, first would be to find your perfect domain name. Preferably a .com, one that describes your business while also being search engine friendly.

Next, find an easy to use web host that gives you not only hosting space, but also the tools and support you need to get your business off to a running start. This will allow you to keep all the key activities in your business nicely together in one place, instead of having to switch from one tool or service to the next all the time. Once you have your own domain and hosting company that provides everything you need to actively grow your business, you’re well on your way.

A website is no different from a physical retail store in that people want to feel like they’re getting service.

Websites and physical stores suffer a similar problem: it’s shocking how many people shop all the way to checkout and decide to opt out of the purchase!

Designing your eCommerce website is essential to building your brand and establishing trust with shoppers. Design provides a corporate identity and a consistent message with which a customer can relate.

When thinking about design for an eCommerce site, there a few elements that are key. It’s important to know these going into the project so that the image is clear across all channels and the identity remains the same.

Communication is a backbone for the success of any business. You may need to get your team leaders or members together in a conference room for something like training, coordinating a product launch, doing a product demonstration walk-through or just to sit in on a general budget meeting.

This can prove to be quite difficult with an online business as your partners, team leader or business members normally live hundreds if not thousands of miles away.

Do you have customers or business partners from all over the world? Get in touch with them in real time via audio or video communication. It’s the perfect way to stay up to date while having as close to a real face to face meeting as you can get.

Need to train members of your organization in real time? Perhaps you just want to provide personalized support to clients or customers? A live web meeting room is the perfect solution.

No online business that relies heavily on communication between sales personnel or team members to coordinate and plan future events can do without such a conference communication tool. It is, however, easy to spend hundreds of dollars in obtaining the software and capability to do this.

Wouldn’t it be great to have a web hosting company that can already provide you with everything you need to do live web meetings without any outrageous expenses? This way you always have the support you need at hand, while the cost factor is markedly reduced due to the integrated nature of the services provided.

Always look for more when choosing a web host – there are some wonderful business hosts out there that provide so much more than just a space for your website.

Video is one marketing tool no online business can do without. The conversion rate of video media is much higher than the conventional sales page. Video is also a much richer and more versatile media. It is therefore much more effective in getting the sales message across. Video is so powerful to marketing online that most sales pages online nowadays incorporate video to convey trust through testimonials. In some cases sales pages are totally redone to start off with a video pre-sell that, when done right for the targeted audience, has every potential to vastly outperform traditional sales copy. So much is the increase in profitability that most registered affiliates are using the video pre-sell method to duplicate the sales pitch of the sales page without stressing the visitor to read through it all.

To incorporate video you normally need video production tools to produce the video, as well as a hosting platform to display the video online. Normal video hosting sites like YouTube just don’t do the online business any justice. Often YouTube either deletes videos or prevent the videos from being embedded into a web page for reasons they alone understand.

Imagine launching an ad campaign to your website that features a YouTube embedded video, only to wake up the next morning and find the video isn’t displaying anymore as YouTube has removed it. Furthermore, YouTube can display advertising and links to related videos in their video interface that you have absolutely no control over. It simply isn’t a professional way to display videos on your website.

Bandwidth usage and the related costs involved with video hosting is not the biggest issue for an online business. Delivering a quality video display that you have full control over is crucial. Video marketing, when done right, will easily cover the expenses in getting it set up right. An absolute bargain would be if you can run your business with a web host that also provides you with proper video hosting. You’ll save money while being in full control of your own professional video delivery system.

Corporate Identity and Branding

One of the first things a new company needs to address is its logo. The logo provides a theme and brands the company with the image it wants to portray.

Logos can be professional and clean, or fun and colourful. They can use streamlined fonts or mix them up to create something a little more kid-friendly or creative. The most important thing when creating a logo is to express what the company is about.

Also, keep in mind that this logo is going to be used across a lot of channels so it needs to be something that can fit in places other than just an online store.

After the logo has been created, a company wants to make sure it has carried that logo over to other important communications channels. This is where corporate identity and branding come in.

Just like a retail store, when a customer enters an eCommerce site they get a certain feel. They might be drawn to colors or fonts, or even just a logo.

As they navigate away from the store to other channels like a blog, Facebook or Twitter page, it’s important to help them keep that feeling. This establishes trust and constantly ingrains that image in their mind as they shop, read, tweet or browse Facebook.

Online Store Template

After a company creates a logo and establishes general colors for its branding, they’ll want to start thinking about the template of the online store. The template is essentially the frame that goes around every webpage and allows a customer to navigate to other pages. There is normally a header, top navigation, side navigation and footer. It’s important that a template is easy to navigate and allows a customer to get to a product with as few clicks as possible.

Categories and products should be well-organized, and a customer should have no confusion on where to find a product. It’s also important to keep the template clean so that there isn’t clutter.

Many stores use their side navigation as a way to promote products or specials which is great! But, it’s important to keep distractions to a minimum and use the homepage as a place to call out sales and get customers into the site.

The homepage of an online store can make or break sales. The most important feature of a homepage is call-to-action features. A call-to-action tells shoppers what to do next, and is usually represented by graphics that say something about a sale, special items or new products.

Many stores utilize JavaScript or Flash on their homepage to really grab the customers’ attention. The point of these features is to make a person click into the store with as few steps as possible. One example includes taking them directly to a product or category so they can buy immediately. In essence, call-to-action features will generate more sales and lead to a better experience for the customer in the end.

There are many elements that go into an online store design. Product images are important, the way the product page is laid out makes a difference, and the buttons that customers can push throughout the site need to be clear.

The bottom line is this: if a new store can start with a great logo and establish its identity, create a template that is easy to navigate, and provide call-to-action features on the homepage, they’re already off to a great start.

You have established your Identity, created a template,… now you need the world to know. >MORE

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