A lifestyle friendly biz can’t happen w/o this…

It’s no secret that in order to get what you want in life, it can involve challenge and change.

For some, the challenges we take on may seem odd, or nonsensical.

Like the guy that scales Everest. Or the friend that runs marathons.

Or, the guy that builds a million dollar business from the ground up.

When asked why they’d do something so crazy and out of the box?

Often they’ll say, “because it’s fun.”

And within their answer lays hidden a big success tip.

To enjoy the journey, and to achieve the success you want and deserve?

Make it a game.


Science shows it take the pressure off of you.

And a game, you can track.

Win or lose.

It worked or it didn’t.

And success in any venture must be trackable.

Did we lose the weight we wanted this month?

Did we get stronger? Run further or faster?

Did our side-biz get X number or leads or sales?

Only when we’re able to track and KNOW, can we then adjust course and play the game to get what we want.

No reason we can’t have fun in the process to get reach our goals, right?

If you’d like to build up a profitable lifestyle friendly biz, treat it like a game of Mario Brothers or Chess.

Try a strategy out.

If an opponent gets you?

Hit start. Play again.

Pretty soon, you’ll WIN.

And maybe very big?

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