Forget “Internet Marketing.” Whether Online or Offline, You’re Just Marketing.

MOBE Is Not an Internet Marketing Company

No skills? No worries! Your dream job awaits…

Do you melt into a ball of sweat every time you hear the word “coding?”

Is “internet marketing” akin to some kind of mythical creature from Neverland? (It’s not, but don’t worry about that.)

If you would love to start a business but are intimidated by all the jargon associated with working online, go ahead and take a nice, deep, cleansing breath.

Now here’s the good news:

You can start your own business online with nothing more than a laptop and ambition—even if you don’t know how to blog or measure analytics or use Instagram. Really!

How does it work?

If you sell any product or service, above all you are in the MARKETING business.

Compared to how it’s going now, finding clients who could afford your services before was a piece of cake. But now, it’s starting to feel a lot like trying to squeeze water out of a rock.

I think that’s because people get into many businesses because they are good at doing what they do and they enjoy that. I mean a baker probably got in that business because he likes to bake bread and stuff – not because he wanted to be a MARKETER of baked products! Same is true for the car mechanic. He does that because he likes being around and fixing cars, and is probably real good at it. It’s a big leap to go from thinking about yourself as a car mechanic to a MARKETER of car repair services.

If you have a business opportunity to sell, then you are a marketer of a business opportunity. You get it, right? Now making this change is not just word changes, it is a complete change of THINKING about what you do for a living. This simple change in mindset is responsible for fortunes being made instead of barley surviving.

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