If you were to lose everything you have today, and you could only keep three skills you’ve developed in building your online business, what would be those three skills be, and why?”

Here’s my answer (and these are things you need to focus on getting good at):

Skill #1: The Ability to Sell

The most important skill you need is the ability to sell. This skill is number one. If you can’t sell, you’re going to have a hard time making any money online.

You may not like to hear that.  I know I certainly didn’t when I first started out (most of us naturally don’t like to sell).

But until something is sold, no money is exchanged.  Until money is exchanged, no one gets paid.

When you think about it, we’re all in sales.

We are selling (and being sold to) all the time.  Sales is just influence.

Parents sell their kids on eating their vegetables.  Employees try to sell their boss on giving them a raise.

You might sell your spouse on going on holidays (or they sell you).

All day long, you and I are non-stop selling.  The only difference is you’re not always getting paid for it.

Once you accept that sales is something you’re already engaged in, and there’s nothing morally wrong with it (provided you’re persuading someone to do something you truly believe is good for them), then working on your sales skills needs to be a priority.

Introducing MOBE a Home based internet business. MOBE is a marketing, education and events program.  M0BE stands for My Online Business Empire started back in 2011, by Matt Lloyd.

Matt makes it simple for partners to profit, with a system to leverage, training products and you even get your very own coach to guide you through the entire process. As you probably know, the internet is constantly changing and Matt and his team are committed to keeping you, as a partner, up to date inside of M0BE.

Will it be a fit for you? M0be does not attract the “get rich quick” minded individuals.  M0BE attracts serious entrepreneurs looking to really build something substantial. For that reason you will find that once you are in M0BE you are among serious committed entrepreneurs that stick with the program.

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