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If you’re an online marketer, you can make a lot of money sending emails to your subscribers.

But ONLY if you know how to get your list to respond to your email offers. Here are the top-three ways for you to get more email conversions:

1. Test Your Subject Lines

Your subscriber’s email inbox is a private personal space, and the last thing they want to see is another sales email. That’s why your subject line should never sound like advertising or marketing – EVER.

You should write subject lines to sound personal, as if they are coming from a friend, colleague or a family member. And the one magic word for email subject lines is curiosity.

For example, you could send out a subject line that just says “Hey first name, I thought you might be interested in this.” And naturally they think, “What is this and how do I find out more?”

If you make them curious, you’ll have a much better chance at increasing conversions.

2. Insert a Call-to-Action

The whole point of email marketing is to build up a list of people – your own responsive audience.

But if you want to build rapport with new subscribers, you’ll need to send at least one email each week – and there ALWAYS needs to be some kind of call-to-action.

For example, you could say, “Hey, if you’re interested in getting a free 30-minute coaching session, just reply back to this email and let me know.” If you can get them to raise their hand and say “Yes, I’m interested,” then you’re already very close to making the sale.

3. Use Email Segmentation

As your list keeps growing, you can start using email segmentation to test different methods and get better response-rates.

For example, let’s say you send out an email that gets a 10% open rate. That means 90% of people never opened your email or even saw the message.

So to segment that list, you wait about 36-hours, then you can find all the people who didn’t open the email, save them as a group, and then email them the exact same email, but this time try a different subject line…

And even if that second email only gets you a 5% open rate, you’re still bumping up your response rate by 50% for doing something that took you maybe 10 minutes to set up.

My point is, you can make so much money from a list if you’re willing to segment your emails.

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Build your brand

Email is one of the most powerful tools for online marketing. It allows you to bring customers back to your website and to provide them with ongoing “connections” to your business, product and service. The end result is that you’ll be investing one time in the effort to get a new customer to your website and, once they buy from you or interact with you, they will then come back time and time again.

Email marketing can help to increase your company’s sales if you put the time and effort into create effective, professional emails and you manage your list effectively. Having a powerful email marketing software program to do this is an important step of course, but so is creating a message that really matters to your reader, not just one that gets sent to the spam folder.

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