A little bit of “truth tea” for you…

Affiliate-marketers,…wanting to save a ton of ad spend, frustration, and ADD a lot more sales to your bottom-line?

Good deal?

Most miss this!

Don’t underestimate it.

Don’t market to BROKE folks.


Think about it, how will they pay you??!

Many don’t think they are indeed talking to broke people, they are by the words they use.

They use broke person “problems” in their marketing.


*barely scraping by?
*tired of being broke?
*shut-off notices on the door?
*etc. etc. etc….

Make sense?

So what do you do?

Well, most people that have some disposable income have other BIG problems too…

Many are TIME poor. (Big one!) Others are BORED.

They may feel unappreciated in their current line of work.

They may want to free up TIME so they can travel more, spend more time with their mate, or kids, or grandkids.

We can go on, and on, and on…

You just have to speak to what their problems are, and what THEY are going through, right?

That way, you’re attracting the right people into your business that CAN afford to work with you.

I hope you’ll take this email to heart!

And you’ll see your sales perk right up…Transform Your Ideas into Profits

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Hope this helps you.