This update should help when you feel that you are not getting any traction for your business.


Identify Your Biggest Flaw

Growing a business, whether online or offline, is not possible by just doing a single activity. Growth only comes when you continuously improve on the strengths of your company and optimize your service to deliver the best possible experience for your customers or users.

Have a great idea for a startup, but how do i finance it.

Monitor Your Website Traffic

The traffic that your website accumulates is the heartbeat of your online business. After all, that’s what being online is all about. Additionally, monitoring the traffic to your website is a sure fire way of identifying where your sales issues are.

It’s Not All About PPC (Pay Per Click) Advertising

When online businesses are low on traffic they often think that PPC is their quick answer to the problem. As effective as PPC can be for ecommerce, especially for hyper-local businesses, it’s not a cheap strategy. Also, if you’re not into landing pages it doesn’t seem like PPC would be an immediate route for you.

Don’t give up on slow burners such as SEO or content marketing. As comparatively ineffective as they may seem compared to PPC, the impact of SEO and content marketing over time could be huge. >READ MORE AT THE SOURCE

Fix Your Marketing Flaws in Order to Grow Your Online Business

MOBE-HELP: The Secret Recipe to Supercharge Your Sales Conversations – Jenny Tse

There is a downloadable workbook that will guide you through the course and allow you to take down the most important points! Link here for a Downloadable Workbook 

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