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Tip: Subject line, is the key point which determines if your email is successful.

Do your newsletter subject lines or blog post titles have emotional or intellectual appeal?

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Subject line
That’s the key point which determines if your email is successful.
include your company name in the subject line. Customers will open your emails more often.
make it max 5-6 words long. That’s the exact sweet spot for subject lines.
avoid all caps and too many exclamation marks. Your email might then end up in a spam folder.
Call to action (CTA)
Used in the most exposed sections of emails and within buttons. It tells the recipient what action you want them to perform (buy, register, click thru)
keep CTA short: 10-20 characters max.
the 3C’s of CTA: clear, concise and clickable
use urgency words like “now”, “expires”, “ends”.
A good deal
Just as print or banners, email needs a good offer in order to sell. Email is brief, so promote only the USPs (unique selling points).
show the best that you got. Don’t overburden the copy with 15 different items.
make use of urgency: 48 hour promos & out-of-stock pitch perform great in emails.
make your recipients feel exclusive: create offers available only to newsletter subscribers.