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The first step to getting is knowing…

These days, if we want to watch a show on our TV, we won’t do it if it’s not in High-Def.

If the image is blurry? It distracts us.

If it’s ultra clear, we often say, “it looks so real!”

Now here’s my point…

If something isn’t CLEAR to us, it may not be REAL to us.

That’s why to get what we want, we have to focus more on the clear end result we want, even more so than the means to get us there.

Because when you rivet your attention on the spot where you want to land?

*Like earning $5K, $10K, $50K per month, part-time, with only a laptop and an internet connection.

*Being able to travel to Italy, Hawaii, Ireland, wherever YOU want to go.

*Being debt-free, able to pursue hobbies and donate to charities…

*Whatever it is…

Once you get clear on everything you’re truly after here?

It’s like you “magnetize” yourself to the means and path to take you there.

Then your job simply becomes not getting in your own way to success.

Focus on what you want.

The resources to take you there will appear.

And the only thing that may be missing is your decision and COMMITMENT to go for it.

I’m not sure where you’re at right now? Yet… if you’re into finding a clearcut path to build up a lifestyle biz on the side?

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