Ecommerce video course

Updated post: June 19, 2017 Opening an online business is only half the battle in achieving true success. Even if you have an incredibly well-designed eCommerce site with a fantastic product line, people have to come to your store before they can buy. Starting a business is always the fun part: Coming up with an […]

In todays world, what’s the difference between celebrity and leardership?

Leaders can build “celebrity” but will no doubt feel bereft. For the world of the celebrity leader is veneer-thin.  – Timothy Willard 3 Qualities You Need to Be a Great Leader Read  Leadership and Self-Deception – The Arbinger Institute For too long, the issue of self-deception has been the realm of deep-thinking philosophers, academics, and […]

How to Leverage Business Blogging for More Traffic, Leads and Sales

Doctor McCoy, from the original Star Trek television series, is famous for his grouchy assertions over the years that he was a doctor—not a bricklayer, an engineer, or anything else. Likewise, you may not be a promotions expert. You don’t have to be one to implement these cheap (or often free) promotional methods. I am talking about […]

Viral Blogging

Well, since you are here I’m assuming that you are an internet marketer and that the overall purpose of your blogs is to make money, and… Making money from blogging involves two simple things… Traffic: you need people to visit your blog and the more the merrier Monetization: you need to make money from your visitors; either […]

Email marketing tool write a better headline.

Check this out. A step by step marketing training system that teaches a bullet proof method to make money online. If you are looking for a solid monthly residual income as an affiliate marketer and want to avoid HYIPs, cyclers, and other wealth redistribution scams, but don’t want to get involved in direct selling of physical products. If you […]


Top Considerations When Marketing to Millennials “The biggest change in devices will be ‘beyond phones’ in what we call ‘connected devices’ – from tablets to wirelessly-connected machines of all kinds, like medical monitors, cameras, smart meters, and vehicles. It’s projected there will be over 2 billion of these connected devices worldwide by 2020.” SimpleGeo’s Matt […]