About Scafidi

Social networking plays a big part in today’s society, especially in the business world.

In 1983, Andrea Scafidi established a design and marketing firm based on one fundamental philosophy Selling by Design. By applying this basic working philosophy to every project we undertake, Scafidi’s able to maximize client profitability. The true value of design is measured by its ability to meet specific objectives.

Integrated Creative and Marketing Services 

To successfully fulfill our clients’ needs, we have assembled a team of professionals, which include experts from the key areas of design, marketing and production. Everyone in the group is encouraged to think beyond his or her specialty.  This, with this unique mix of know-how, we are able to provide our clients with a diverse, yet fully integrated range of services including:

-Graphic Design

-New Media Design, including web sites

-Packaging Design for Corporate and Retail

-Market Analysis & Evaluation

Our services are complemented by our expertise in:

-Corporate, Retail & brand Positioning

-Package Design

-Integrated Communications

-Copywriting, Illustration & Photography

-Post-Design and Production Quality Control


The synergies created through the artful combination of these services enable Scafidi to offer a truly complete approach for example, our experience in packaging design provides us with insights to create effective brand positioning and complements our abilities to effective and dynamic powerful web sites.

Fast forward to today, Since 2014 Scafidi is proud to represent products and services catering to business owners and entrepreneurs.

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  • Courses

Market Analysis

Through the use of Strategic Design, a most efficient working tool, we are able to draft a complete evaluation of important business factors. Our group of dedicated professionals works closely with the client to carefully research the factors that will influence their initiatives.

This research includes the investigation of:

-Our client’s industry and competitors

-Our client’s values and business objectives

-Our client’s position and market niche

-Consumer behaviour and trends

-The economy and consumer spending

-The ways in which design can influence target market perceptions

It is only once these factors have been carefully studied that our designers begin the work of developing design concepts, which will fulfill our mission.

Creating Visual Impact

Products and services must communicate their key propositions to the target market through powerful visual elements, both graphic and typographical.  As such, the first priority of every graphic design exercise is to create Visibility.  Once you have the consumer’s attention, you must guide them through the proposition(s) that will affect behavior using the graphic design tools of Typography, Image and Composition.

The Decisive Mandate of Design for Manufacturers and Retailers

For over twenty-five years, we have worked with clients to develop recognized and durable manufacturing and retail concepts in food, restaurant, general merchandise and entertainment products and services.  Our expertise coupled with our tactical approach to design contributes to our success and that of our clients.

On the Frontiers of Cyberspace

The growing impact of the Internet and the World Wide Web on merchandising and retailing has let Scafidi to offer Home Page and Web Site Design and hosting. Our new media design services, which also include multimedia, create opportunities for our clients to promote and improve their business and to extend there integrated communications programs into the office and home of the consumer.

Our Total Approach to Design and Communications Translates into Increased Profitability for our clients

Our strength lies in our total approach to design, our firm’s recognized hallmark.  This process enables us to evaluate, from a strategic design perspective, the critical issues that affect our client’s sales and profitability.  From this, we identify opportunities to improve the selling proposition, and design solutions to support their objectives.

This total approach becomes the centerpiece of any concept and can only be realized through the efforts of our marketing and design team.

We have refined this process to maximize the business objectives ad profitability of our clients.

An Effective Process

The truly effective aspects of our process start before conceptual work begins. Prior to developing concepts and after market analysis is undertaken, we prepare detailed analysis that encompass all the factors which may affect design.  We then submit the brief to our entire team.

This allows us the opportunity to carefully analyze all the elements that govern design development. Our design process does not end with the delivery of artwork.  We also supervise the production of film and proof the initial press run – all in the interest of maintaining our quality standards.  Finally, we conduct a follow-up to determine the degree to which the client’s business objectives have been satisfied.

A Commitment to Advances in Technology

We are continually seeking ways to improve our services through the adoption of the latest technology.  Our policy is to acquire new tools that allow us to better support our clients.  We are adopting new techniques that include high-speed data transmission and on-line digital photography that reduce turn-around time for remote client review, and a merger of computer-aided design techniques with real-time video imagery to create life-like projections of our packaging concepts.

Innovation:  The Key to Success

Our clients benefit from innovative thinking that has been cultivated throughout our 25-year history.  The application of Photo-Symbolism to package design is a good example. This trend in innovation continues with our redefinition of retail and home brand product packaging programs.

Building Customer Loyalty with Retail and Private Brand Programs

In 1983, the year of our foundation, the economic climate changed.  Consumers were becoming hungry for premium products and were demanding quality, reliability and variety.  Seizing the initiative, were stated to develop Quality Retail and Private Brand Packaging Programs to drive customers to retailers seeking to build customer loyalty.

The Bottom Line

The bottom line of every project is, of course, the successful fulfillment of our clients’ business objectives. Our mandate is to help our clients prosper in the face of market challenges that arise from increased competition brought about by globalization. Our dynamic mix of creative, marketing and technical expertise enables us to provide a diverse yet fully integrated range of services, all of which employ a sound understanding of the new business environment.