A shady sales-tactic to avoid like the plague…

This may sound counter-intuitive, but it works. And you’ll sleep better…

There’s a common saying in selling, which you may have heard of before?

It goes something like this:

“Sell them what they want, then give them what they need.”

So in essence, people want to push a button and watch truckloads of cash flood into their bank accounts.

And so likely…

You may have seen “quite a few” people selling the push button promise online?

Yet, when you get inside their actual blueprint to do it, you’re met with 1,001 steps you need to actually follow thru and setup first? It’s anything but “push button” and simple, right?

And I don’t know if it’s just me, but that seems quite manipulative?

That’s like acting and being a certain way on the surface just to attract your husband or wife.

And then once you’ve got them inside the marriage vows and they’ve said, “I do”?

You let go of yourself and are a completely different person as you had let on.

It’s much better to just get ahead of things. Tell people how it’s going to be.
Exactly what to expect, all the good, bad, and the ugly.

Being straight-forward will set you apart and you’ll be a fresh breath of air for people.

Which CAN result in more sales headed your way, as a nice side-effect of simply being straightforward from the get-go.

And what type of person do you want to attract and help out anyways? A person that wants the world for nothing?

Or someone willing to roll up their sleeves and do a little bit of leg work first, so that they can get what they want in life, real results.

It’s all about selling transformation (results) over information (push button tactics), by being straightforward and putting it all out in the table.

Then folks can decide one way or another if it’s for them or not.

And it’ll be cool by you either way.

Hope this helps.

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